The RCF Story

Our church story started in 1967, when a mission led by a local Christian and evangelist Victor Jack was organised on Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground on the Rushmere Estate. This mission  was to be a major event, where hundreds of people would hear about the life changing love of God and the Good News of Jesus.

As a result, many people responded to what they had heard and this led to a Sunday School being provided for the children on the Rushmere Estate.

In the years that followed the mission, and with a growing Sunday School, a church was born - Rushmere Evangelical Fellowship. A church that was known for its love for people and for Jesus. 

As time went on, the church continued to grow and was renamed Rushmere Christian Fellowship (RCF).

As the church continued to grow numerically and spiritually, it needed a larger premises to meet in. The first location used by RCF  was Rushmere Hall Primary School on Lanark Road where it met until 1997. It then moved a second time to St Albans Catholic High School where the church still meets.

In July 2018 RCF celebrated fifty years since its birth and we look forward to many more years of seeing God continue His work amongst us.

James Edgell, 18/12/2018