Here are some of the courses we run:

Viewfinder Course
viewfinder courses
Is there a God?
Who is this God?
Where does Jesus fit into the picture?
Who is the Holy Spirit?

Have you ever asked or wanted to ask any of these questions? Why not join in with this 8-week course which looks at big life issues? For further details, speak to Stephen French
T: 01473 431701

Life Explored Course

Have you ever wondered what life is all about?

Is it a free-fall into oblivion?

Is there any purpose to it?

Life Explored is an informal and relaxed seven-week course which explores these questions and many others.  We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.
For further details, speak to Stephen French
T: 01473 431701

Discipleship Course
If you have found a purpose and meaning to life through the Viewfinder Course, why not join us for this Discipleship Course as you continue along your life journey?

Session 1 – Beginnings
Session 2 – Relationships
Session 3 – Community
Session 4 – Growth
Session 5 – Persistence
Session 6 – Purpose

For more information, contact Stephen French
T: 01473 431701

Parentalk Course
Calling All Parents!

Parenting is probably the hardest job you will ever be asked to do. Before we become parents we may have read a book about parenting or we may have watched other parents with their children. There is very little training that enables us to parent our children well.

At RCF we recognise our lack of training and think that it is important that we can draw on the skills and strengths of other parents. The Parentalk Course is for any parent – Mums and Dads – and would also be invaluable for grandparents, carers and those who work with pre-teens and teenagers. We all have skills that we have adapted to our style of parenting and to the needs of our children. You will be given opportunities to share your skills but also be able to learn from others.

This course is completely FREE and it runs for 2 hours, one night a week for 6 weeks at a local venue. It is very informal and, although the course leader will introduce some ideas, the aim of the course is for you to learn from each other, swapping ideas with others and learning new things yourself. There are usually between 6 and 10 people on each course. Course materials are provided by Care for the Family.

Discover that you are not alone as you aim to be the best parent you can while navigating the challenging teenage years.

We run these courses on a regular basis. If you’d like to know when the next course will run, or would just like a bit more information, please contact Michelle Jones:
T: 07570 093097

CAP Money Course
The CAP Money Course is a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works. The CAP Money Course will help you take complete control of your finances.

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