IMCARES is a registered charity based in Mumbai City, Maharashtra State, India. It was founded by Pastor Peter Will in 1982 and continues to receive spiritual guidance and advice from Pastor Peter Will (Koinonia Calvary Chapel) and Brother Markus Egger (Intermission Germany). It is governed by a Board of Trustees. Staff members include Pastor Sumitra Gaikwad who is the Executive Director, Timothy Gaikwad who is the Project Manager responsible for the Pavement Ministry, Joy Clubs and the HIV/AIDS programme, and Joyce Bundellu who is the Project Manager responsible for all the children’s programmes. Other staff members are drawn from various churches in Mumbai.
To bring glory to God as we serve the poorest of the poor

IMCARES is in the mission of finding the poorest of the marginalised poor who are forced to live under oppression, injustice, abuse, sickness and disabilities, and to restore back to them their rightful existence.

Areas of Work
The IMCARES ministry impacts approximately 950 people every day in a variety of ways, through the following projects:
• Pavement ministry – sick and dying pavement dwellers, including HIV & AIDS and TB sufferers.
• Joy Clubs & Day Care Centres – for children living on the streets and slums.
• Women’s Development – for women living in slums and the red-light areas.
• Project Ankur – for children with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.
• Agape Village – residential care for children who live in dangerous families/communities.
• Anti-human trafficking – combatting human trafficking through education and capacity-building.

Services and Benefits
• Rescue and rehabilitation – identification, safe rescue, rehabilitation and reinstatement into the society.
• Social support – referral, networking, rehabilitation, etc.
• Health/Medical – medical clinics, mobile medical camps, specialised consultations, periodic health check-ups, medical tests.
• Nutrition – full meals, nutritional support, dry rations.
• Counselling – psychological, pre and post-test, family, marriage, reconciliation, parental, career and health counselling.
• Education/Literacy – formal education, specialised coaching, cleanliness hygiene, adult literacy, etc.
• Vocation Training – tailoring, embroidery, stitching, nursing, cakes and pastries.
• Mentoring – media training, internship opportunities.
• Anti-human Trafficking – awareness and capacity-building.

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