A little bit of HOPE is a small charity with the vision of nurturing hope in the Butaleja District of Uganda by enabling people to overcome the hurdles that prevent them reaching their full potential.

• We focus our resources on the poorest of the poor.
• We endeavour to promote sustainability, not dependency.
• All the projects we fund are initiated and led by local people.
• We provide training as well as money.
• We take monitoring and evaluation seriously.
• We account for every penny we spend.
• We support people of all faiths, because our work is founded on Christian principles.





We support five areas of grass-roots development in rural Uganda:

Education – Supporting schools as they seek to give children the best start possible in life. School farms, IT training, text books, ensuring girls have access to sanitary towels, youth empowerment programmes and partnership with Busolwe Library.

Health – Working with a local association of health workers to enable them to conduct an education programme including sanitation, nutrition and water.

Venture Capital – Small loan and saving schemes, training, apprenticeships and supporting a tailoring school and bee-farming education centre.

Water – Fixing boreholes to ensure that communities have a nearby supply of safe drinking water and piloting a rainwater harvesting programme.

Widow Care – Providing widows with the support they need, including the facilitation of small groups so widows can support one another and start income generating activities.

If you would like to know more, or find out how to get involved, please visit our website: www.alittlebitofhope.org