We believe that the church Jesus is building is a world-wide family of people who have come to accept Him as Lord and Saviour in their lives. RCF is a small part of that family. A small local church in a big world-wide church! We each joined God’s family when we came to believe and trust in Jesus as the Son of God who lived and died for us and who came back to life as our risen Saviour and Lord.

What we believe:
Believing in the power of Christ
Proclaiming the message of Christ
Living the life of Christ
Being the body of Christ
Why Jesus?
Why the Holy Spirit?

How do people describe us as a church?
People have described us as a lively, growing, family-friendly church. There is a good age range of people. Services usually start with contemporary worship led by one of our bands. This is normally followed by dipping into the Bible as we seek to apply God’s Word to our every day lives. There’s a small area at the back of the hall for babies and toddlers, a Sunday School (known as “The Ark”) for primary aged children and “Impact” for teenagers. Our Sunday morning worship services normally last about 1½ hours. We seek to give a warm welcome to all, both those who come with a deep faith and those who are just beginning to explore for themselves the truths about the God of love and mercy.

As a church, we desire to lead a life that brings glory to God – whether that be through the Sunday worship services, youth events, or living our normal daily lives.

We desire that everyone, no matter their age, background, colour or sex, will come to know Jesus.

We run – amongst other things – mid-week home groups where there is an emphasis on working out the Christian life together with others from different backgrounds, with an opportunity for personal encouragement and prayer. These groups are often where people feel cared for, and can care for others.

We also offer prayer ministry for anyone with spiritual, emotional or physical needs.

We meet every Sunday at St Alban’s Catholic High School, Rushmere, Ipswich at 10:30 am.

For more details about groups and events that take place from week to week, take a look at the What’s On.

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