In 1967, when Victor Jack, the Suffolk Counties Evangelist, was looking for a venue to hold a Tent Mission in Ipswich, Richard Jolley mentioned the field behind his home on the Rushmere Estate. So, in July 1968, Victor held a very successful mission for hundreds of children on the Dumbarton Road recreation field. Afterwards a Sunday School was started for these children, using St. Christopher’s Community Hall, and the adults who helped with the Sunday School formed a new church, Rushmere Evangelical Fellowship.

The early leaders/elders of the church came from Brethren backgrounds, but this was a new start for Rushmere Evangelical Fellowship with a vision to worship God and share Jesus around the Rushmere location. Around 15 years later the church was renamed Rushmere Christian Fellowship (RCF).

As the numbers grew, the church soon moved to a more spacious location, Rushmere Hall School on Lanark Road, where it stayed until 1997. Once again, increasing numbers in the church meant that it had outgrown this school hall, so it moved to St Alban’s Catholic High School, where it still meets today.

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